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The West Virginia Center for African-American Art & Culture, Inc. is a non-profit organization established to provide an enhanced cultural learning experience for all visitors.

We are a diverse group of individuals with over twenty years of service through organizational community involvement. We share a belief in cultural and ethnic diversity—the embodiment of our multicultural society. We believe that inclusion, full and fair participation develops instinctive learning to discover similarities in our differences. This process contributes to our growth and the continued responsibility to learn the value of mutual reliance.

During years of residence in the State of West Virginia, the social and informational landscape of the African American has constantly changed; therefore an emphasis will be placed on this fragmented community.

The West Virginia Center for African – American Art & Culture, Inc. will:

Collaborate with individuals and organizations across the state and others to offer information relative to social and other changes affecting our African – American community;

Collect, categorize, and feature various facets of art, people, and places of impact to the State of West Virginia featuring African – Americans;

Offer a showcase pictorial and biography bank of noted African – American s from West Virginians whose accomplishments and determination has propelled them to a broader aspect of visibility;

Participate with and promote programs & events that entertain, educate and inspire an appreciation of cultural diversity;

Seek to collaborate with people of good will to expand and cultivate resources that would perpetuate the culture of the African-American in West Virginia.

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