Valley Heritage Tour

In an effort to continually present programming that will inform, educate and further cultural understanding, the West Virginia Center for African-American Art & Culture, Inc. will collaborate with other organizations, businesses, and individuals to provide a journey into the past for a limited period of time for tourists, guests, and local citizens.

Valley Heritage Tour will be a remarkable opportunity for everyone to enjoy historical tours within and around the Kanawha Valley on August 2nd and 3rd 2003. These excursions were allowed those interested to visit lands or structures with unique and significant historic value and hear of the people associated with them these sites, 7 having been placed on National Register of Historic Places, and the people associated with them, have contributed immensely to Valley growth they will also provide an educational opportunity to learn of times past but offering and inspirational benefit to all those who take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime ride into history. During these tours, individuals with intimate knowledge of these sites will provide descriptive commentary.

To grant a pleasurable, scenic and informative tour, transportation will be provided by a turn-of-the-century trolley Street car. These streetcars played a major role in the development of Charleston public transportation system in the early 1900s during this period city streets were strewn with tracks that allowed it to flourish as a transporting passengers from one destination to another. The street car became an icon in the minds and hearts of the all Valley residents for nearly 40 years and their significance has never been forgotten. They have been maintained by the local public transit system, Kanawha Valley Regional Transit Authority (KRT). Today they can be seen traveling along city streets shuttling passengers as they did long ago your support toward the success and sustainability of the project is very much appreciated.

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